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Adopting A Pet FAQs

The following is a guide only to prospective owners of pets that have been rehomed through the CADAWI foster care program.

If you are interested in adopting an animal please complete this form: Animal Adoption Form

Q: What kind of animals do you put up for adoption?2020-10-28T11:25:06+10:00

A: CADAWI rehomes small to medium size dogs, adult, mature age and pups as well as domestic cats including kittens.

Q: What if I adopt a pet and it doesn’t work out?2020-10-28T11:25:41+10:00

A: CADAWI will give you a complete money back guarantee if the pet doesn’t work out in one week. CADAWI will accept animals for return after one week but will not refund the original cost of the animal. We feel that the new owner will know in one week whether the pet is right for their situation.

Q: How do I know if the pet I buy is healthy?2020-10-28T11:27:43+10:00

A: All animals are vet checked and any known health issues will be communicated to you.

Q: Will the pet be desexed and microchipped?2020-10-28T11:28:22+10:00

A: Yes, all pets sold are desexed and microchipped. CADAWI will transfer the microchip ownership to you soon after purchase.

Q: How does the adoption process work?2020-12-14T16:38:25+10:00

A: You select the animal you want from the website PetRescue. This contains a photo of the animal and a description of the animals background where known and its temperament and behaviour since it has been in foster care.

Foster carers will generally give their opinion about the type of family that the dog may be suited for e.g. a family with children etc. The foster carer’s number is on the website and they will guide you through the process. Sometimes people getting a second animal may wish to introduce their current pet to the prospective new pet. This can be arranged with the foster carer. Once payment is made (cash only) you are free to take the animal to their forever home to love, honour and enjoy.

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