Animal Carers / Foster Carers

CADAWI operates an extensive program for rehoming small to medium sized dogs and domestic cats via volunteer “in home” foster caring. Foster caring is a rewarding pastime that is inexpensive. It gives animals who have sometimes been mistreated a second chance in life and what we call their new “forever home”.

CADAWI provides all of the food, vet care, bowls, leads, beds etc. necessary, to the Carer, pending placement of the animal to their forever home.

All animals are advertised for rehoming via the website Pet Rescue.

All dogs and cats are sold desexed and microchipped and vet checked.

Carers are asked to take their animals to the Association’s vet when veterinary treatment is required.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer please complete the Foster Carers Application Form

Happy Labrador against a brick wall

CADAWI has a “no kill” policy in relation to animals received and will ensure any animal placed into their care is treated humanely irrespective of the cost.

Anyone wishing to volunteer must have a secure fence and a genuine love for animals.

The Animal Coordinator will visit each property to ensure the premises are suitable. They will meet the prospective Carers and explain the details of the program.

Anyone who receives an animal that is later found to be unsuitable only has to contact the Animal Coordinator. They will ensure the animal is removed at the earliest opportunity.

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting and rewarding program, please contact the Animal Coordinator on telephone 0455 778 166.